At James Cody & Sons we consider it essential that our clients prepare a Will so that their true wishes and intentions regarding their estate can be given effect after death. It also eases pressure on family or close friends who are left behind.
Whether you have small or large assets a Will should still be made. Receiving expert advice on tax efficiency and understanding financial implications is key to having peace of mind. We can help you with tax planning in order to maximise your estate.
A Will can also be used to appoint guardians of your minor children in the event that you should pass away before they become adults.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

We are regularly contacted by people who wish to put in place an enduring power of attorney. This is a legal document which allows the person making same to appoint two individuals who they wish to look after their financial, personal and medical affairs should they lose their capacity to do so for themselves. The enduring power of attorney will only take effect when the person who has made it, known as the donor, has lost their mental capacity. If this occurs we can register their enduring power of attorney so that it can put the donor’s wishes to use. At James Cody & Sons we as dedicated and experienced Solicitors are here to deal with all queries in relation to same. We can also explain and act regarding the wardship process.

Probate and Administration of Estates

Our dedicated probate team are here to assist with the affairs of a deceased person. We provide a personalised professional service to help at what is a difficult time. We ensure that all legal formalities are dealt with to include liaising with financial institutions, Department of social protection, HSE and Revenue Commissioners. James Cody & Sons will attend to the distribution of the deceased’s assets whether in accordance with their will or on intestacy where they have not made a will. We advise the parties involved whether it be the executors, administrators, guardians or trustees. We file all necessary returns pertaining to the estate with the Revenue Commissioners.
Disputes involving contested Wills do occur and we are perhaps the most experienced Carlow Solicitors in relation to providing representation in this specialised area.



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